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Resource List, 2021

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Are You a Youth or a Supporter Wanting to Learn More About transfer-of-rights and Alternatives to Guardianship? #

Click on the title of each resource on this page to read, watch, download, or learn more about it:

The Right to Make Choices: International Laws and Decision-Making by People with Disabilities
Autism Self-Advocacy NetworkEasy Read Paper from 2016

Roadmap to Transition: A Handbook for Autistic Youth Transitioning to Adulthood
Autism Self-Advocacy Network and the Family Network on Disabilities Handbook from 2016

Supported Decision Making
Center for Public Representation Webpage

Supported Decision Making in Action: Dawn and Belinda’s Story
Disability Rights Texas Video from 2018

A Legal Guide for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their Families Transitioning to Adult Services
Frederick M. Misilo Jr. Guide from 2014

Supported Decision Making Resources
Georgia Advocacy Office & John McCarty List of resources from 2020

Supported Decision Making and Guardianship Termination
Institute on Disability/UCEDD & John McCarty Webinar recording from 2019

The Process of Terminating Guardianship Using Supported Decision Making
John McCarty Video from 2020

Who’s in Charge Here?
John McCarty PowerPoint from 2020

Why Supported Decision Making Matters and How to Get Started
John McCarty Video from 2020

Age of Majority
Federation for Children with Special Needs Brochures about transition

Supported Decision Making: Gabby’s Story
Lynne O’Hara Video from 2016

Self-Advocacy Materials: Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship
Massachusetts Disability Law Center Paper from 2017

“My Voice Counts” Supported Decision Making, An Alternative to Guardianship: A Self Advocate’s Guide to Supported Decision Making
Self-Advocacy Speakers Network, Utah Guide from 2017